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Using Your Future Cruise Credit

In the wake of current events and Oceania's changes or cancellations to many of their sailings, you may have recently been issued a Future Cruise Credit (FCC) - a monetary value to be used towards a future cruise vacation with Oceania Cruises.

You may also be wondering how to use your Future Cruise Credit or want to learn more about the credit options or cancellation policies for your specific vacation. If so, our Oceania experts are here to help you!

Speak directly with an Oceania cruise expert at 1-888-213-6227 or click here to connect, and we'll clear up any confusion, answer your cruise-related questions and ensure you get the lowest prices, the most perks and all the amenities we can add - added value to guarantee you maximize your Future Cruise Credit!

What is a Future Cruise Credit or FCC?

A Future Cruise Credit (FCC) is the voucher issued by Oceania Cruises in lieu of a refund with a monetary value to be used towards a future Oceania cruise. Think of the FCC like a "gift certificate", which offsets the cost of the cruise fare. FCC's are a form of compensation for inconveniences caused by current events or a cancelled cruise.

FCC's are non-transferrable and do have an expiration date, however, you are free to use them on any Oceania cruise and can rebook your cruise with us with no headaches or more issues. In fact, with us behind your booking, you may qualify for even more value to truly maximize the FCC value!

Why redeem Your Future Cruise Credit with us?

Any Future Cruise Credit issued by Oceania is "owned" by you - the guest - allowing you to rebook with any Travel Agency until it is applied to a booking. When you plan your next trip with us, our Advisors will work hard to make sure you understand your options, know what your Future Cruise Credit (FCC) can be applied to and that you are getting the most value possible by combining your FCC with our exclusive rates, applying current promotions and adding extra amenities like bonus savings, shipboard credit, upgrades and more!

Can my Future Cruise Credit (FCC) be combined with current promotions or cruise deals?

Every sailing is different, so it's important to know the details of your Future Cruise Credit (FCC), such as blackout sailing dates and expiration date. But in general, yes! FCCs are usually able to be combined with whatever promotions Oceania has available at the time you decide to rebook. Keep in mind, you do not have to decide on your future cruise at the time you receive the FCC or when you first call our Oceania experts. Generally you will have a year or more to choose your future cruise and rebook.

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I was offered the choice of a Future Cruise Credit or a refund. Which option should I take?

Cruise lines like Oceania that cancelled cruise departures as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are offering generous Future Cruise Credits that are significantly higher than the amount guests actually paid for their cruise. For this reason, we recommend taking the Future Cruise Credit, as the amount of the credit may be worth more than what you already paid.

There may also be opportunities for you to get added amenities, an upgraded stateroom or longer cruise, which our team can advise on, plus the additional benefits we can add to pack your future cruise with all the perks you deserve!

What is the value of my Future Cruise Credit (FCC)?

The value of your Future Cruise Credit can vary based on many factors. Typically, FCC is determined based on the base cruise or vacation fare, minus extras like taxes, fees, gratuities and more that may or may not be returned to you as a refund.

However, the itinerary, your stateroom, how much you paid for the original cruise, and possibly even your sailing date or destination can all affect the value of your Future Cruise Credit.

If your Future Cruise Credit with Oceania exceeds the cost of the cruise, a new future cruise credit will be issued in the amount of the leftover balance or you may be able to upgrade your vacation in a variety of ways.

How can I redeem my Future Cruise Credit?

Redeeming your Future Credit Credit is easy! Click here to connect with one of our Oceania experts or call 1-888-213-6227 and an Advisor will walk you through the simple steps, explain all your options and take care of all the details for you. We'll help you determine what your Future Cruise Credit with Oceania will and will not cover for your future cruise, determine whether you qualify for current promotions and if we can add even more extras!

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Have a Future Cruise Credit with Oceania?

Then connect with the Oceania experts today! With our team behind you, you can rebook with confidence knowing there's an advocate alongside you every step of your journey!

Travel will resume soon, and when it does, we'll be here to help you see "Your World, Your Way" aboard Oceania Cruises - and get you the most vacation value available anywhere! Stay safe. Stay healthy. And stay inspired.