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Lowest-Price Guarantee

Our goal is simple - find you the best vacation value possible and lowest price available at the time of your booking. If you happen to find a lower fare for an identical sailing or cruise promotion with the same amenities and it's within 7 days of you booking with us, send us that quote or offer and we'll do our best to match that rate.

This guarantee applies only to rates available to the general public and does not apply to special rates or promotions for consolidators, groups, incentives, interline, past guests, meetings or conventions. Additionally, our lowest-price guarantee only applies to the cost of the cruise, including port charges, and does not apply to flights, land tours, transfers, excursions, amenities, taxes & fees or other components or portions not included in the cruise-only fare.


In order to qualify, the lower price must be current and available for at least 24 hours after discovery, published online, and must be available to the general public. If the lower price category is sold out, than the rate guarantee does not apply - there must be availability on the lower price category in order to match the rate. If your purchased cruise includes free promotional airfare, then the current and available airfare price must also be calculated into the best price cruise fare. Proof of current airfare price for coinciding/matching departure and/or return dates must also be emailed to your agent and followed up with a FAX copy to 520-797-2408.

Claims are eligible only if the lower rate is allowable within vendor guidelines. Any additional fees charged by the other online travel agency such as booking, service, shipping or handling fees will affect the final price. If customer and cruise has met these guidelines and the lower rate is still available, we will review and process your refund by crediting to the card used to purchase your cruise and will be posted within 7-10 business days of final approval.

Void where prohibited by law. Bon Voyage Travel reserves the right to modify or discontinue the Lowest-Price Guarantee at any time without prior notice or liability. Any cancellation of this program will be effective upon removal of marketing links, images and references to the Lowest-Price Guarantee and the Lowest-Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions.

*Prices listed are per person unless otherwise indicated.

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