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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Oceania Cruise Sale?

Are you the cruise line?
Why should I book my cruise through you instead of the cruise line?
Where are you located and how many employees do you have?
Do you charge booking fees?

First-Time Cruisers

Is Cruising Expensive?
Will I be bored?
Will I get seasick?
Is cruising safe?
Can I get a special diet?
What should I pack?

Before the Cruise

Do I need a Passport or Visa?
Do I need special vaccinations?
Is there a dress code?
What special diets are available on the ships?
What kinds of outlets do the staterooms have?
Can I bring my travel iron?

Smoking Policy

Can I smoke onboard?

On-Board Services and Dining

Does Oceania have room service?
Are there valet and laundry facilities?
What entertainment is offered onboard?
What are the hours of operation for the Casino?
Can I exchange my money for local currency?
Can I use my credit card to get a cash advance on the ship?
When can I make reservations in the specialty restaurant?
What is your gratuity policy?
Is there a fee associated with the specialty restaurants?

Communication Service

Is wireless internet connectivity (WI FI) available on the ship?
What computer facilities are offered on the ship?
Can I send mail while aboard?
Will I be able to use my cell phone at sea?

Health and Medical

Do you have medical services onboard?
If I have an existing medical condition, what do I do?
If I get sick or injured how does health insurance work?
Can I sail with Oceania Cruises while pregnant?